Reclaimed Wood Collection

Hunting for Treasures

Gavin likes to go around Metro Vancouver on his e-bike to hunt for neglected furniture with good quality wood.

Oftentimes, these pieces get thrown away because they haven’t been taken good care of, don’t look great anymore, or are just simply replaced with a new one.

Once discovered, he takes these old furniture with him to give them a new life in a different form. This is not just a fun exercise, but also very rewarding.

The Reclaiming Process

Working with reclaimed wood or furniture is a unique process. Using the limited material you have pushes you to be more creative.

Our process can involve mixing materials, adding different elements, or changing the piece into something completely new.

The new product we create will be “perfectly imperfect”. You may see some marks from its past life, like old screw holes or some chipped edges. These marks tell every reclaimed products’ story and make them special.

Re-thinking the Cycle

For us, prolonging the life of these lost and found wood pieces also mean taking a step away from the fast-consumer cycle.

Finding and saving perfectly good wood from going to the landfill is an environmentally friendly process. Re-thinking how we currently consume is important to us and if we can make a unique piece that you’ll enjoy in the process, even better!

Curious? Browse our past projects as well as products currently looking for a new home below.

What we found

What we turned it into

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